Today, I’ll give you the first, of half-dozen fundamental myths many people believe, especially those who say they cannot meditate. When I recently did a workshop on this, I promised participants I’d give them a tenner if they could honestly say they cannot meditate by the end of the 45 minutes. I didn’t have to pay because once ALL the myths are busted, and under proper guidance, everyone can meditate.

Meditation Is To Stop Or Empty The Mind

Many people think the purpose of meditation is to either empty the mind or stop one’s incessant thinking. Both of these are incorrect.

OK, if emptying the mind or controlling one’s thoughts is NOT the purpose of meditation, what is?

There are many things you can use meditation to help with, so to say its ONE thing is incorrect. To take control of the mind, or stop it completely at will, takes at least six months in silent retreat. Therefore, this is NOT a viable purpose at the beginning of your journey. You CAN gain calmness, peace and feelings of contentedness fairly quickly although possibly not within the first few times you practise. It depends on where you’re at when you begin.

I Cannot Meditate Cos My Mind Is Too Busy

See more myths via this page (link)

Next Steps

I hope you enjoyed finding out about this myth. I have a slideshow which takes you through the 3 DNA components of meditation to further your understanding. Find it in the FREE course (link below). If you already meditate, feel free to share it. The next post is on another myth of meditation.
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