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Six Months – Transform Your Life & Business – Programme

Many of my clients are driven, pragmatic and results orientated Solopreneurs, or own a Micro-Company, or are executive professionals who despite all their knowledge, skills, training and positive attitude are somehow not achieving their full potential. They know what to do, but something gets in the way.

You may feel you are a perpetual learner – partly looking for that missing piece which will spark you into fulfilling your potential? Maybe you recognise you are blocked in a vital area for your business (networking, speaking/presenting, negotiating fees, dealing with stress?) and so far everything you have tried has simply not gotten you to where you want to be?

You have a Life Worth Living but you feel unsatisfied because you know you could be achieving more. Contact me for a no-obligation chat and let’s explore the possibilities.

Transform Your Life & Business Now

Call Colin for a quick chat on 0800 249 42 40 or email

NEW Workshops (off-line). Next one is on 1st December 2018 > book now

In collaboration with an Astronomical Astrologer (a unique form of Astrological reading born from deep analysis & study), we have produced a suite of “Re-Create Your SELF” workshops.

A vocation is more than a job – it is something you feel driven to do, from deep inside. What ‘vocation’ might suit you? A workshop to recover your inner Astrology map, untangle the knots that bind you so you can shine in your job, work or vocation. Plus, how can you get the most from the job you have so you don’t have to leave the good work you do? What are your Super-Powers and how can your unique way of doing things get you noticed for promotion?



Re-Create Your SELFShine In Your Vocation

Join A Course

Discover unique perspectives and experience change. First one is “What Is Meditation: The 3 DNA Strands” which will develop your understanding quickly so you miss out on years of exploring . Valued at £60 – FREE TODAY

ONLINE – any time – at your own pace – some are FREE
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Mindfulness Coaching & Therapy

Experience the benefits of meditation and mindfulness with 1-1 coaching. PLUS, stop inner conflicts and reduce stress NOW. Weekly sessions (6 minimum): £45 per 50 minute session. Single 80min Masterclass: £60 – in person in Ryton, UK; phone or VOIP (online conference call)


1-1 coaching & incisive therapies.
Phone 0800 249 42490 now for an appointment or…

Mind & Soul

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Wednesdays 6pm-7pm
With Jason Moran

Transform Your Life > 1-1 Breakthrough Session

Lazer focussed coaching. If you have something important you want to achieve but it’s not happening then use this stand-alone session to get you clear, discover what’s getting in your way and plan a route through in this 80 minute breakthrough session so you leave renewed, re-energised and feeling motivated. £90 – in person in Ryton, UK or via phone or VOIP (online conference call)

There is more information via this page > CLICK HERE

Focused, Empowering, Motivating – great value.

Phone 0800 249 42490 to book an appointment or get ready with the FREE preparation and application form – enrol now

A Transform Your Life Breakthrough Session


I give away ONE session per month via phone/VOIP online conference call. Sometimes I offer a session for a discount too. To WIN, follow my emails and get more chances to win by promoting this completely FREE monthly competition…

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“I would like to say a massive thank you to Colin Ellis for the most inspirational, TYL breakthrough session. I have learned so much today about how my life now looks and what I want it to look like and what I need to add or change in my life to get to where I want to be. …

I highly recommend Colin’s session to motivate you to the possibilities available to you in any area of your life. #motivation #releaseyourpotential #transformyourlife”



Self-Employed, Forever