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 Ultimate Meditation guide (working title)

  • Discover the 7 Technologies of mind that make up all meditation practices.
  • Explore the 7 Principles so you go deeper.
  • Overcome the 7 Misconceptions keeping people stuck.
  • Develop easy Informal & Formal practices that make a huge difference to your health, happiness & life.

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Books by QC Ellis

Colin writes from experience

Do you want deeper insights into who you are and what is possible for you?
Colin’s mix of straight-forward logic (based in your experience), plus originality and time-tested principles, brings simple yet profound practices into your daily life. His books bring you a wealth of wisdom.

Colin was recognised with the eLit Award from Illuminating Digital Publishing Excellence for his contribution to the #1 Best Selling paperback, “Are You The Missing Piece?” published by Expert Insights Publishing in 2017

Personal Development: 9 Essential Tips To Get More From Your Books

You will discover:

  • 9 essential tips on how to make the most of any material on personal development.
  • The shifts in attitude needed so personal growth advice works for you.
  • How to read self-help books on success – with discernment.

Short and snappy, this little book is an easy read but packs a big punch when it comes to changing the way you look at what books and other material on personal growth are trying to get you to recognize and implement.

Accessing The Truth Of You: Truth Protocol Meditation

The Truth Protocol meditation is a method to:

  • Experience and embody the TRUTH.
  • Gain greater access to your true nature in daily life.
  • Dissolve untruths – such as limitation, resistance, fear and other blocks.
  • Be genuinely authentic with greater freedom of expression and connection.

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5 Book Series…

Stop The Struggle
Volumes 1 & 2

Gentle Art of Mindful Awareness


image of 5 book covers for the BOOK Series, Mindfulness: Stop the Struggle

Myths of meditation

What are the most common myths about meditation?

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Being Gentle On Yourself

Being gentle on yourself is more than words. It is an attitude you can feel. It links into (in my opinion the starting-point for) the mindfulness attitudes of acceptance, compassion and self-love

Cannot Meditate Cos Your Mind Is Too Busy?

Many people have an abundance of thoughts that seem never to shut up. They believe there is no-way meditation will achieve (for them) the calmness that reports say is a benefit of meditation. They may have tried – unsuccessfully – to subdue their thoughts with a...

Meditation Absolute Beginners Class online

Meditation: Absolute Beginners Class. Experience the benefits of meditation. Online, 6 week course with author QC Ellis

Day Retreat – 23 June 2019

Blissful Beauty of Tranquility

Stress, Anxiety and the Battle for Your Sanity

NEW BOOK in the “Mindfulness: Stop The Struggle” series of short-read books. They are designed to take you through the journey from stressed and depressed to happy and free from anxiety. This 1st book will help you to Understand the plight of people who are the casualties of long-term stress. Answer the question “Why can’t people who are anxious be positive?” Also, recognise Why is it so hard to overcome anxiety. Then discover Why mindfulness succeeds in STOPPING the internal fight.

Mindfulness Half-Day Retreat

Reduce stress, let go of anxiety and enjoy peaceful moments. These are the hallmarks of mindfulness... A retreat is an opportunity to replenish your energies and take your mindfulness practice further than you can in normal life. Melt away the November blues with...
Colin Ellis

Colin Ellis

Author | Coach | Teacher


Colin (author pen-name, QC Ellis), says about himself:


Hi, my good friends say I’m “spiritual” but I’d have thought they’d know me better. I guess they might mean they see me wanting to help people when I can – that compassionate side. Or maybe they have experienced my intuition – I am an INFP (Meyer-Briggs Introvert, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceptive). I think it is just because I’ve spent more time than most on meditation and other retreats and studying personal and spiritual development.

Yes, I want to share the wisdom I’ve gathered, but I also know one-size-DOESN’T-fit-all. I love to teach people who want to learn from experience (not just be spoon-fed). I love to coach people who have a desire to expand and grow but I also know most people would do this naturally if it were not for the weeds in their mind which throttle their dreams. So, I’ve become a week-killer!

Although, initially, I went on the courses and retreats, etc., for my own growth – to stop my own weeds from overpowering me – my life is now about supporting others to achieve peace, joy and fulfilment.



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