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Colin writes from experience

Do you want deeper insights into who you are and what is possible for you?
Colin’s mix of straight-forward logic (based in your experience), plus originality and time-tested principles, brings simple yet profound practices into your daily life. His books bring you a wealth of wisdom.

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Colin was recognised with the eLit Award from Illuminating Digital Publishing Excellence for his contribution to the #1 Best Selling paperback, “Are You The Missing Piece?” published by Expert Insights Publishing in 2017

Personal Development: 9 Essential Tips To Get More From Your Books

You will discover:

  • 9 essential tips on how to make the most of any material on personal development.
  • The shifts in attitude needed so personal growth advice works for you.
  • How to read self-help books on success – with discernment.

Short and snappy, this little book is an easy read but packs a big punch when it comes to changing the way you look at what books and other material on personal growth are trying to get you to recognize and implement.

Accessing The Truth Of You: Truth Protocol Meditation

The Truth Protocol meditation is a method to:

  • Experience and embody the TRUTH.
  • Gain greater access to your true nature in daily life.
  • Dissolve untruths – such as limitation, resistance, fear and other blocks.
  • Be genuinely authentic with greater freedom of expression and connection.

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5 Book Series…

Stop The Struggle
Volumes 1 & 2


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Gentle Art of Mindful Awareness

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Myths of meditation

What are the most common myths about meditation?

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Colin Ellis

Colin Ellis

Author | Coach | Teacher


Colin (author pen-name, QC Ellis), says about himself:


Hi, my good friends say I’m “spiritual” but I’d have thought they’d know me better. I guess they might mean they see me wanting to help people when I can – that compassionate side. Or maybe they have experienced my intuition – I am an INFP (Meyer-Briggs Introvert, iNtuitive, Feeling, Perceptive). I think it is just because I’ve spent more time than most on meditation and other retreats and studying personal and spiritual development.

Yes, I want to share the wisdom I’ve gathered, but I also know one-size-DOESN’T-fit-all. I love to teach people who want to learn from experience (not just be spoon-fed). I love to coach people who have a desire to expand and grow but I also know most people would do this naturally if it were not for the weeds in their mind which throttle their dreams. So, I’ve become a week-killer!

Although, initially, I went on the courses and retreats, etc., for my own growth – to stop my own weeds from overpowering me – my life is now about supporting others to achieve peace, joy and fulfilment.


What People Actually Say About Colin

“He is too modest to say this himself…”

  • He hasn’t just done a few meditation retreats – he has been on 3, 6 & 9 month-long Buddhist retreats! In total, over 750 days in silent retreat (most of which was also solitary). He has also been a Retreat Co-ordinator.
  • He doesn’t just do the first level of courses and skills but masters them.
  • His CV includes: Royal Marine Commando at age 16, plus College Lecturer, Project Development and Company Director (mostly for charitable organisations) [Colin’s note: “also many minor jobs; but even in those you mention I was mainly the Chief Bottle Washer and Tissue-Fetcher”].
  • Like Rocky, he has been hit over and over – including a decade of what’s called the Dark Night Of the Soul – but he got through and bounced back.
  • You know when he is stressed because he is even quieter than normal – not wanting to infect anyone with his internal stuff – yet he is still Mr Positive [Colin’s note: read about how I went from Mr Positive to being unable to be positive in seconds (it lasted years), in volume 2 of my new series – due out in March 2019.
  • He is down-to-earth: yet his teaching is inspired!
  • As a coach he is like an evil genius; the way he makes problems magically disappear [Colin’s note: “The weeds are dead, long live the true YOU”]



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