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Where are you on your meditation and mindfulness journey?
Colin is an experienced teacher, coach and author in personal development and now specialises in helping people to get more from their practices.
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Colin writes from experience

Do you want deeper insights into who you are and what is possible for you?
Colin’s mix of straight-forward logic (based in your experience), originality and time-tested principles brings simple yet profound practices into your daily life. His books bring you a wealth of wisdom.

Get the Kindle ebook editions of his first 2 short reads from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk

Colin also contributed to the #1 Best Selling paperback, “Are You The Missing Piece?” published by Expert Insights Publishing in 2017

Personal Development: 9 Essential Tips To Get More From Your Books

You will discover:

  • 9 essential tips on how to make the most of any material on personal development.
  • The shifts in attitude needed so personal growth advice works for you.
  • How to read self-help books on success – with discernment.

Short and snappy, this little book is an easy read but packs a big punch when it comes to changing the way you look at what books and other material on personal growth are trying to get you to recognize and implement.

Accessing The Truth Of You: Truth Protocol Meditation

The Truth Protocol meditation is a method to:

  • Experience and embody the TRUTH.
  • Gain greater access to your true nature in daily life.
  • Dissolve untruths – such as limitation, resistance, fear and other blocks.
  • Be genuinely authentic with greater freedom of expression and connection.

The meditation audio is available as a FREE* download via a link inside the book

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Coming SOON


Overcoming Anxiety Using Mindfulness To Get Your Life Back

Available on Kindle & paperback soon

Mindfulness Practice In Everyday Life

Available on Kindle & paperback soon

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I’m creating a BLOG with tons of information, guidance and tips for the discerning meditation student, practitioner and even teachers…” Check it out and join a growing band of like-minded people learning and teaching mindfulness and meditation. “… I’ll also throw in a few articles on self-help tools I’ve found useful.

Students & Clients Love Colin’s Unique Approach

“I also just want you to know how much I’m enjoying your Friday Meditation sessions. The experience is amazing, I’m learning so much, the value they give my life is wonderful. You are an incredible Teacher, I trust you implicitly & you’re absolutely brilliant at what you do. Thank you Colin” Karen Mac


“Wow, what a session! I had to chant after that. I’ve done some Tibetan chanting when I’ve felt like it, now it definitely was a time for that! THANK YOU!!! Amazing grace! Colin Ellis” Kati Kelo

Magical Goddess magazine & coach

“I would like to say a massive thank you to Colin Ellis for the most inspirational, … session. I have learned so much today about what my life now looks and what I want it to look like and what I need to add or change in my life to get to where i want to be this is going to be the most interesting and motivational journey over the coming weeks but I now have the right tools and information to achieve my goals and get to where I want to be in life. I highly recommend Colin’s session to motivate you to the possibilities available to you in any area of your life. #motivation #releaseyourpotential #transformyourlife” Imogen Bryson

Business Owner, Forever

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