Editorial Review for
There Are Only 7 Ways to Meditate:
Make Your Meditation Amazing

More than a how-to meditate book, a realistic guide to what we can expect as we begin utilizing the seven different ways to meditate. We learn the different ways we can begin the process and how to evolve with it as we become more and more comfortable entering our inner world.

An enjoyable and thoroughly comprehensive book for the beginner of meditation. What to expect and focus on, and specific pitfalls to avoid as well as dispelling some of the more common myths. There are seven mind-technologies, or ways, to meditate and it’s both fascinating and enlightening to learn how to appropriately utilize them.

I myself have always thought that meditation would never in a million years work for me. I’m a Type A personality and generally my mind is in a perpetual state of overdrive. But now I’ve learned that I can learn to meditate properly despite these characteristics. There is no need for me to put up roadblocks as this book shows me how I CAN and WILL meditate successfully!

~ International Review of Books – who gave this book their highest distinction