Since meditation has many forms – from single-pointed-focus to visualisation to mantra – it follows, there are also many ways to meditate. I think this definition of “doing nothing” is held by people who have never tried – and use it as an excuse never to give it a go. My Meditation: Absolute Beginners Class takes people through many activities related to meditation and mindfulness. In fact, on the What Is Meditation course, I define meditation as:

A family of intentional activities that produce psychological changes.

I also go into what all that means, to give you a full understanding, but notice the definition states it is several intentional activities. You must actively participate in your meditation – or you could very well be “doing nothing“.

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Relaxation of the body and mind

Relaxation is typically a part of most meditations. It is OK to stop there – you have meditated. However, the relaxation part is usually the beginning of meditation practice. When teaching, I give the students a simple relaxation meditation on the very first day. It gets people quickly and easily into meditation while giving them the first skill to practise.
Having said the FIRST practice is to relax, there are many practices within meditation to explore. You do NOT need to learn them all. If relaxation suits your needs right now, this may be as much as you need. I’d advise adding single-pointed-focus so you can gain deeper relaxation – stay tuned to find out why.

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Next Steps

photo of person meditating at sunsetThe quickest way to get beyond the myths is to join my easy but comprehensive courses. For instance, there is a course which takes you through the 3 DNA markers of meditation to further your understanding. If you already meditate, feel free to share it.

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The next post is on another myth of meditation – gosh, there are so many.
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