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Almost every religion, Yoga teacher, and lots of New Age hippie types use meditation in some form or other. Does this mean meditation is religious, or only for certain types of people? The short answer is no… Let me explain…

Certain types of people?

Doctors, executives, nurses, accountants, engineers, bank managers, factory workers, cleaners, reception staff, soldiers, cooks, chefs, porters, pilots, stewards, retail assistants, psychologists… people from every walk of life, every occupation, in every country – meditate.

So, is it a religion?

No. Although almost every religion uses some kind of meditation practice, meditation itself doesn’t need to have any religious connotation. Obviously, if you come across a meditation which DOES have religious connotations, it means this particular meditation is being used by a religion and therefore has been adapted to suit their beliefs.

When I teach the Meditation: Absolute Beginners Course, I explain:
“You will learn how to meditate, but there will be NO:

  • religion

  • philosophy

  • theory – except to enhance the practical “how to” of meditation

  • psychic stuff

  • or uncomfortable sitting position”

You see, meditation is a practical application of specific methods that have definite psychological benefits. These benefits can – over time – become quite awesome. If the meditations are directed toward gaining spiritual insights then they can awaken a person to deeper understanding – hence the use of meditation in religions.

If the intentions for YOUR meditations are to relax deeply, gain peace, have clarity of mind, enjoy life more, and love yourself and your family more – then your meditations* can help you with this.

* Not all meditations will bring you these results. You should use meditations that can bring you the results you desire in ways that are the most uncomplicated and easily practised anywhere (and affordable).

To learn What is Meditation – which also gives you a framework for knowing exactly what you are doing with your meditation so you also know what to emphasise and where you need to make a correction – join the course FREE today.

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What Is Meditation?

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