1st July 2019: 6 week online coaching
Experience the benefits of meditation:

  • Reduced stress & worry

  • More focus, creativity & happiness

  • Better health & sleep

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NOW is the time to get this for YOU

Student numbers are limited so you get an intimate feel from the class.
You will be guided all the way from zero meditation experience to very quickly being able to meditate and then on to being more knowledgable than many who have been meditating for years.

  • Easy, step-by-step instruction
  • Gentle pace and LOTS of practise
  • Practical – no theory, no religion, no science, no psychic stuff – just the bare-bones ‘How To’.
  • Fresh approach – born from experience (a Dr called it “Inspired“)
  • Comprehensivego beyond ‘beginner’

Your questions answered in sessions:

  • How do I stop my incessant mind?
  • How do I sit? (hint: you do NOT need to sit cross-legged)
  • How do I find the time?
  • What app do I need? (hint: you need nothing but you)
  • And many more…








Resources for Students

How much?

Pay what you can afford. The value is estimated at least £120 but if you do not know how awesome the teacher is, pay half (or less if you are skint) and your satisfaction will be guaranteed.

How long?

6 sessions. One session per week over 4 weeks, starting on 1st July. Then a break while you practise. The last 2 weeks starts on 12th August.

All sessions are recorded & made available to you for lifetime access.


In the comfort of your own home – via the internet. Hosted at

Each week the live session will take place on the Monday at 10am (UK time) & repeated on the Thursday at 8pm.

Who is the Teacher?

QC Ellis (Colin) is an ex-college lecturer, ex-commando, ex-Buddhist and ex-retreat co-ordinator with decades of meditation experience.

He has been on 3, 6 & 9 month meditation retreats in solitary and silence. He now leads retreats.

Colin is an award-winning author of meditation and mindfulness books. See them on Amazon (search for QC Ellis).

Join to Meditate

1-1 coaching support is available during the live class – plus at least twice during the course. Extra resources (articles/blog posts/meditation audio) will be made available for revision.