What is the next step for you if you are a regular meditator?
Can you relate to the Blissful Beauty of Tranquility?

The Retreat has FINISHED.

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This one-day retreat is for regular meditators so you can go deeper into peace and explore its beauty while feeling blissful states.

Connecting with peace opens the door to your True Nature – incl. spaciousness, bliss and love (beauty). Experience it yourself…

If you can connect to the calmness, the stillness within, it is easier to recognise the aspects of your True Nature normally clouded by the stress of life.

For some, this retreat will be their 1st step toward the blissful beauty of Tranquil Abiding. How close you get depends upon how much meditation you do regularly and how much stress you are carrying.

Single-pointed-focus on the breath is a simple & safe vehicle to take you through the 9 abidings toward peaceful tranquility. On attaining Tranquil Abiding, you release the last of the underlying stress your body is carrying and are enveloped in bliss. You have also trained your mind. There are so many huge benefits to Tranquil Abiding…

This retreat will take you to level 3-4 (or higher) of the 9 abidings.
Attaining moments of peace and noticing how this makes it easy to access joy and beauty (your True Nature) is expected.

The release of stress is also going to happen, so expect moments of odd feelings and angst (shadows of stress as it goes), typically followed by a deeper level of peace. For more guidance on meditation and what to expect, LIKE & FOLLOW Colin’s author page on Facebook @QCEllis

Normal Retreat rules apply. no talking, no touching, no eye-contact, no devices (phones, tablets, etc), no missing the meditation sessions, and no OTHER meditation – until 3pm.

The meditation teacher is Colin Ellis. He has been on several 6+ month Buddhist meditation retreats. He is an Amazon author – with the pen-name QC Ellis.

With your deposit (non-refundable), you will gain access to online resources to help you. Get access ASAP so you gain full benefit from the retreat day. Places are limited :)

Any questions? Please contact me via my facebook page, facebook messenger, or by email

Online Resources

You will receive an email with FREE access to an online course, including articles video & audio on the following:

  • Silence
  • Dissipating My Energy on Retreat
  • Day Retreat V Other Retreats
  • Guidance On the Retreat Meditation (audio)
  • The Specific Meditation For The Retreat (audio) So You Can Practise
  • What is Tranquil Abiding? My Experience. (video)
  • Q&A Access To The Teacher
  • Plus more…