There are many types of mediation, just as there are many reasons to meditate. Let me explain.

Have you heard of any of these?

  • Mindfulness meditation – of which there are many variants, and my NEW book (out soon) will give you the best one.
  • Concentration meditation – is single-pointed-focus, and there are numerous things you can put your focus on.
  • Meditating on the breath – can emphasise either mindful awareness or single-pointed-focus using the breath as your focal point.
  • Visualisation meditation – uses your imagination to impact your body, mind and emotions. Visualisations abound on Youtube – some good, some OK, and some not.
  • Movement meditation – utilises mindful awareness and focused attention – e.g., one can practise Yoga and Tai Chi in this way.

I cover the above within my upcoming book (and courses), but there are others:

  • Mantra – uses sound and rhythm (or focusing on the vibrations in the body) to get you into single-pointed-focus.
  • TM (Transcendental Meditation) utilises a mantra.
  •  There are lots of systems which use the essential components of meditation in various ways to help people make changes – some of them become almost a religion for their devotees.

Well, with all these TYPES of meditation practice, it cannot possibly be one thing. I know most teachers say, “This is how you meditate” then show you their favourite way of engaging with meditation. I do the same, just with a footnote about other types – but it is evident there are many ways to meditate. Not to be confused with “Any way you think you could be meditating – is meditation“. NO! I explain exactly what meditation is in my FREE course – where you discover the 3 DNA components of all meditation, without which it is NOT meditation.

I hope you enjoyed busting this myth.

Next Steps

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