photo of woods in Autumn

Reduce stress, let go of anxiety and enjoy peaceful moments. These are the hallmarks of mindfulness…

A retreat is an opportunity to replenish your energies and take your mindfulness practice further than you can in normal life.

Melt away the November blues with peaceful meditations and soothing mindfulness.
A lovely day of gentle practices to re-connect with your body and be more conscious.
This Mindfulness Class & Retreat is a rest and recuperation time during this hectic month.
It is also a chance to learn or rekindle one’s interest in Mindfulness.

The schedule for the retreat is:

  • 11am-1pm The Community Centre Cafe & Craft Market is on that day so come early and have a cuppa and check out the crafts by local people.
  • 12-12.30pm beginners practical introduction to Mindfulness (optional for those who know mindfulness well or have been on my previous classes)
  • 12.30 -1pm Mindful eating and drinking in the cafe – great to practise watching your mind – and a gentle stepping toward quiet retreat
  • 1-2pm Mindfulness Practice *
  • 2-3pm – a mindful walk in the woods
  • 3-4pm Mindfulness Practice * and a cuppa (snacks allowed)
  • All done with an emphasis on gentleness,  the beginners mind, acceptance, and kindness toward yourself
  • * a combination of…
    • body awareness practices
    • outer (not mind or emotions) awareness practices
    • Mind & emotion awareness practices
    • Meditation practices

If you are new to Mindfulness and Meditation, please come along by 12 noon, but also use this link (CLICK HERE) to get Colin’s mini course on “What Is Meditation?” It is FREE only by using this link (normal price = £60)

Cost: £15 (please bring cash)

For the full 4 hours (3 hours if you miss the 12-1pm slot), including a cuppa or two. Bring your own snacks :-)

Although the community centre is generally nice and warm, you may still want to bring a blanket and warm clothes.

This is a mini retreat with Colin Ellis, an established meditation and mindfulness teacher.

I’m really looking forward to being at this event with some lovely people and allowing lots of peaceful moments to de-stress us. :-)

Colin: 07776 380 324


Blackhall Mill Community Centre
River View,
Blackhall Mill
Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE17 7TQ
See the MAP on Google:


There is an event page on facebook at

Here is a poster (pdf). If you can put it up somewhere or hand it to friends, that would be great!

Here are a few articles on the Myths of Meditation

If new (or not so new) to meditation or mindfulness I suggest you join my online mini-course on “What Is Meditation?”, where I go through the 4 DNA Strands of every meditation – check it out – it’s a lot more useful than it sounds :-) BTW, it is only FREE via this link for a limited time.