Hi, this is a quick welcome to my new blog. It will grow quickly as I had a blog on meditation and mindfulness where I shared almost 100 articles. The website crashed, so now I’m starting from scratch – with new articles and insights to share.

Why am I writing about meditation, mindfulness and self-help tools?

I’ve been interested in personal development since a teenager, when I joined the Royal Marine Commandos to boost my confidence. Since then I have been on masses of courses and trainings and eventually became a teacher and coach, specialising in personal growth. You could say it is my obsession, but I see a lot of people get stuck along the way. I want to help those people — interested in personal or spiritual development — to get more from life.

image of book cover - "Personal Development: 9 Essential Tips To Get More From Your Books"That’s why I wrote that little book about getting more from reading about personal growth. I know it can get to the stage where we wonder if it is just all a con! We cannot get our head around the conflicting advice and know the fb memes do not work! Yet, with a little guidance to tweak your discernment you can re-engage with your journey and gain greater insights from self-help material.

But why meditation and mindfulness specifically?

Of all the tools I’ve used (too many to list!), for long-term results there is nothing that surpasses meditation and mindfulness. However, although most people think they know what these are, there are many myths and a lot of teachers with limited, partial knowledge and experience. Some of this can trip us up, or stop us from starting. This blog, and my books, are shared with you so you can get the most from your practice.

If you are at the beginning of your journey, you couldn’t be any luckier. You can join my email list, course, or have me as your coach to skyrocket your new practices.

If you have been around the meditation scene for a while, you may want to try out a Masterclass for an immediate boost.

Those last couple of phrases sound boastful, yet if you were to ask anyone who knows me, they would tell you I am more like a monk than a motivation speaker. The reason I can be so confident about my ability to help is because I’ve been studying and practicing for over 30 years! Recently, I accepted an invite to join a research project at Newcastle University where I was attached to a computer via a ton of electrodes. One of the questions I was asked before we started was “How many days have you been in retreat?” It took a while to calculate so we said “OVER 400 days“, putting me at the top of their list but actually it is almost double that number (it may have been easier to ask how many years?).

Well, that’s enough blah blah about me. I look forward to giving you guidance and food for thought. If you are a member (on my email list) then you can reply to any email and contact me directly. I’d love to hear how you get on with anything I suggest — the good, bad or ugly — so I can give you better, personal guidance.