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Shine In Your Vocation

A vocation is more than a job – it is something you feel driven to do, from deep inside. What ‘vocation’ might suite you? A workshop to recover your inner Astrology map, untangle the knots that bind you so you can shine in your job, work or vocation. Plus, how can you get the most from the job you have so you don’t have to leave the good work you do?

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Re-Create Your SELF – Live Your Vision

In this workshop you shall be introduced to truths about yourself to help you create a vision of YOUR future which is magnetic and completely aligned with your deepest SELF. Why? Because people do not realise the future they perceive for themselves affects their moods, energy levels, and ability to live fully – today. But, it is no good just pretending everything shall be OK – that’s just delusion – so we are going to…

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