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Know Thyself To Unlock Your Full Potential

Colin and Rikki are creating their dream of sharing profound and transformational ways of being in the world so you can align with your true nature, your true potential and be authentically YOU.

Here is a sample of the workshops in this suite…

Stand Out At Work

Why Are You Here?

What Are You Learning From Relationships?

About Colin Ellis

portrait photo of ColinColin is dedicated in his pursuit of Truth, has been on Buddhist meditation retreats for longer than some monks and yet keeps it real by focusing on your experience (not theory, psychological models or philosophy).

He is an author of books on personal development and meditation (including mindfulness) – see the HOME page for more information.

He has been a teacher/facilitator of personal growth topics for decades.

He has also gained qualifications in many of the latest, pioneering, advanced psychotherapies and techniques for transformation but prefers to call himself a coach since he doesn’t do therapy on clients but teaches them how to use these powerful techniques on themselves.


About Rikki Blythe

photo of Rikki BlytheRikki is unique in her field. She created ASTRONOMICAL ASTROLOGY, which is a new astrological structure that brings together the Sidereal and Tropical zodiacs so as to give her clients deeper and more accurate guidance.

She creates beautiful, hand-painted astrology charts. She also draws up birth charts in the same way Nostradamus did. Not always by candle-light!…but with a compass, protractor and tables. She finds the original mathematical process for calculating in-depth charts breaks open the intuitive function and leads to more insightful readings.

Rikki has also given many talks, presentations and run courses on astrology – including one to the British Astrological Society in London about her new findings. She also just happens to be an enthusiastic, fun, lively Sagittarian.

Oh, and she is also an author – of a book on Astrology!

You are welcome to contact Colin or Rikki to get your questions answered or for a quick chat about personal development



  • 0800 249 42 40

  • Colin@QCEllis.com or via the contact form below…


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