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A Life Worth Living

What is your vision for a life worth living?

If you could choose the most appropriate and beneficial future for yourself, what might it include?
What kind of people would you most love to have in your life?
What would you most love to do, or share, as your contribution to the world?

I call this ‘a life worth living’.

Could it be, ‘a life worth living’ is what you are meant to live?
Maybe you got lost somewhere so ended up missing out on our true calling?
Maybe a life worth living is possible to manifest but somehow you have felt unable to create it?
You may have found you had inconsistent moods and thoughts (sometimes self-sabotaging) therefore couldn’t sustain enthusiasm for your goals? I am saying ‘you’ but I know I definitely have.

If only you had a consistent environment of emotions, mind-states, enthusiasm and encouragement to help you achieve your potential?

My LIFE WORTH LIVING is one where I support people like you to achieve your very own LIFE WORTH LIVING – Yay! That’s part of the reason why I created the FREEDOM Club, and create courses so people can have the tools to succeed in life (not just in a job).

If you could choose the most appropriate and beneficial future for yourself, what might it include?
This is a serious question – please ponder for a moment before going any further.

If you could choose the most appropriate and beneficial future for yourself, what might it include?

Now, how are you going to get there and who will support you in your efforts?

I have created a new Transform Your Life – breakthrough session, specifically to support people like you to achieve a life worth living.

Maybe this one-to-one, 45-80 minute (phone/online) session has arrived at just the right time to help you achieve your vision of a life worth living? It is super-focused on the one part of your life you feel is the most important (it would be unrealistic to try to produce a full Life Worth Living map in under an hour) so you can make changes now and gather momentum for other changes or redirection.

I love doing these sessions because I see again and again how it works as a catalyst for people to change what’s most important so they can truly live a life worth living. It is a breakthrough session which empowers you to get going and become what your soul is urging you to be.

I give extra time at the end of the session in case you have any questions about how I may be able to support you further (not obligatory LoL). This is an ideal 1st session for people thinking about using my services since it is a stand-alone session well worth doing even if there is no other support I can give at this time. Because I love doing these so much, I give away these sessions via a competition in the FREEDOM Club – for those who cannot afford the fee.

If you can afford to pay – don’t delay, book your session today – your soul is calling you to begin living a life worth living, now.

CLICK HERE to enrol and get the new Transform Your Life session preparation form and application form. This will help you immensely, to prepare for your session so you can get the most from it. Alternatively, give me a call on 0800 249 42 40 (for those outside the UK, call +44 8002 49 42 40 )

Meditation Is Religious Or For New Age Hippies & Yoga Students

Almost every religion, Yoga teacher, and lots of New Age hippie types use meditation in some form or other. Does this mean meditation is religious, or only for certain types of people? The short answer is no… Let me explain…

Certain types of people?

Doctors, executives, nurses, accountants, engineers, bank managers, factory workers, cleaners, reception staff, soldiers, cooks, chefs, porters, pilots, stewards, retail assistants, psychologists… people from every walk of life, every occupation, in every country – meditate.

So, is it a religion?

No. Although almost every religion uses some kind of meditation practice, meditation itself doesn’t need to have any religious connotation. Obviously, if you come across a meditation which DOES have religious connotations, it means this particular meditation is being used by a religion and therefore has been adapted to suit their beliefs.

When I teach the Meditation: Absolute Beginners Course, I explain:
“You will learn how to meditate, but there will be NO:

  • religion

  • philosophy

  • theory – except to enhance the practical “how to” of meditation

  • psychic stuff

  • or uncomfortable sitting position”

You see, meditation is a practical application of specific methods that have definite psychological benefits. These benefits can – over time – become quite awesome. If the meditations are directed toward gaining spiritual insights then they can awaken a person to deeper understanding – hence the use of meditation in religions.

If the intentions for YOUR meditations are to relax deeply, gain peace, have clarity of mind, enjoy life more, and love yourself and your family more – then your meditations* can help you with this.

* Not all meditations will bring you these results. You should use meditations that can bring you the results you desire in ways that are the most uncomplicated and easily practised anywhere (and affordable).

To learn What is Meditation – which also gives you a framework for knowing exactly what you are doing with your meditation so you also know what to emphasise and where you need to make a correction – join the course FREE today.

photo of person meditating at sunset

What Is Meditation?

See more myths via this page (link)

Progress In Meditation Is Linear Therefore One Must Feel Deep Peace

Does EVERY meditation have to go DEEP in order to be classed as a meditation?
Is there a point when you never have to paddle in the shallow end again?
How do you progress in meditation?

Advanced, experienced meditators find some days they are unable to get to the deeper states they have experienced many times. This notion, of meditation practice leading to deeper states and then you never have to go back to battling a busy mind, is a myth (until you reach Tranquil Abiding).

My course, “What Is Meditation?” informs you of the 4 brain-wave states people dive into during meditation – enrollment is FREE today

An expert in meditation is such, not because they never have a busy mind but because they have stopped struggling, have done their time in meditation, and never given up on the process. I tend to talk about meditation as a process because, as a process, you do not have to worry about the goal being achieved (this creates stress). Instead, your goal is to meditate (without expectations) and meditate some more – thereby giving your mind and body the chance to heal your stress – which leads to experiencing peaceful states (but not all the time).

image of a snake and ladders game: close-upI liken it to a game of snakes and ladders (see my future post on this), because although it may seem as if you are climbing the ladder of success with your meditation (for a little while) it is inevitable you shall land on a snake and feel like you are back to the beginning. Some days you are up then, for no apparent reason, your struggling to find the peace you expect. This is completely NORMAL.

On the days when your meditation sucks, it gives you a chance to practise patience, to be gentle with yourself and use mindful awareness while relaxing into the tension created by expectation.

My definition of meditation is: “A family of intentional activities that produce psychological changes“. The “family” is the 3 (or more) DNA strands that make up meditation. So, if you are intentionally using the 3 core DNA strands* of meditation – to try to relax, and focus on trying to observe your stresses and strains (expectations?) – then you are meditating, even though it doesn’t feel like it.

* The online course tells you all about those 3 DNA strands of meditation – enrollment is FREE today

Re-Create Your SELF – Live Your Vision

Re-Create Your SELF – Live Your Vision

Was hugely successful, with 5 STAR reviews from all participants

Saturday 8th Sept. 2018

Find out when the next LIVE workshop is on.

See the full

Re-Create Your SELF

suite of workshops (so far)


What is this workshop about?

Live Your Vision (NOT AVAILABLE TILL 2019)

The image you have of your future determines how you feel about today

Energize To Re-Create Your Life - Now

Align With Your Truths So There Is No Holding Back

Magnetise Your Ideal Future

Relax & Open To New Possibilities

Discover The Mirror Of Your Soul

Fuel Your Soul With Creative, Nourishing Fun


How will we do this together?


When you are enthralled by your ideal future you will be naturally magnetized to it. Whereas, if you allow distractions to impinge on your sense of future, goodness knows where you will end up! So the important thing is to have a vision aligned with your deepest SELF.

The workshop has 4 parts:

  1. Being clear about your ideal future brings meaning and happiness today. Yet this goes deeper than life-coaching because your astrological blueprint will reveal how to align your goals with your potential and sense of destiny.

  2. You will also feel energized with guided meditations. These will loosen your mental boundaries and dissolve obstructions to see greater possibilities. Please bring a lunch to lunch with other luncheoners (vegetarian or vegan) to share together

  3. After lunch you will face unspoken concepts which have held you back; once realized, a path is cleared to live your ideal future – today. “What had seemed like a huge step of immodesty becomes the natural, confident next step.”

  4. Ending with great fun and creativity, making your dream real with something beautiful to take home. This will be a directed play-time – especially for those who feel they are not creative.

You will receive expert untangling from Colin, who will calm & energise you then help you clarify your direction. Plus, you will receive captivating Astronomical Astrology guidance and creative fun with Rikki. This workshop is an opportunity to envision a positive, nurturing and motivating future.

Just 1 or 2 sections is easily worth the fee for the whole workshop

Powerful techniques for insight and inquiry!


"Live Your Vision"

I thoroughly recommend this to anybody, except perhaps the more closed minded among us.


"Live Your Vision"

What would I say to someone considering this workshop?



"Live Your Vision"

It helped bring together disparate and vague thoughts into a clear focus. Something very tangible to work with.


"Live Your Vision"

Who Are The presenters?

High Quality & Professional Teachers

Over the decades Colin has developed and taught in colleges, charities and privately on subjects such as esteem & confidence building, assertiveness, stress management, goal setting, overcoming anxiety using mindfulness, and many more topics.

He is known as a pioneer – pushing the boundaries of personal and spiritual development – discovering through his experience new, original insights to share.

See more about Colin, here at QCEllis.com

Colin Ellis

Transformation Coach | Meditation Teacher | Author, Company: All One Planet

Contact Colin:

  • 0800 249 42 40

  • colin@qcellis.com

Both the presenters for this workshop have been mastering their craft over decades and taught many, many workshops/courses.

Rikki is one of those few people who has mastered, and is inspired by, her work to such a degree she now wants to herald in a new Astrology – Astronomical Astrology. Powered by her integrity, she has shown how the two main Astrological traditions can be brought together to give deeper, more accurate insights about one’s earthly blueprint and the challenges/learning we are here to explore. As an artist (with a 1st Class Honours Art Degree), she brings beauty and play into her work and teaching.

See more about Rikki at www.fishtailarts.com

Rikki Blythe

Astronomical Astrologer | Artist | Author, Business: Fishtail Arts and Astrology

Contact Rikki

  • 079 55 66 1249

  • rikki@fishtailarts.com

more workshops to come – soon

What Else Is In This Series?

There shall be 12+ amazing events in this suite of workshops.
Each self-contained but building on each other also.

“The most successful people are living their Astrological Blueprint”

To ensure your place – sign up for updates

Due to the individual attention given on these workshops, space is limited to 8 max, so to get the best chance to book on the workshops you want, subscribe now to ensure you’re informed.

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The Venue

The Vault Well-being Centre
36 Station Road
NE28 6RL




Click the map to go to Google maps. The RED marker shows where The Vault is

Purchase Your Ticket

Space is limited so book on the workshop now to ensure your place.

Just £45 to live fully NOW because you will create a vision of YOUR future which is magnetic and completely aligned with your deepest SELF.

All One planet logoAdd your email then click the button to be taken to Paypal (of All One Planet – Colin’s business), where you can pay by credit or debit card.

Those who join before September will get a Transform Your Life – Empowerment Session (worth £90) FREE so BOOK NOW!

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FREE Meditation Audio


photo of person meditating at sunsetJust a quick note to let you know I have created a course on meditation to help you develop your skill with ease.

Included is a FREE guided meditation audio. At the moment, for a limited time, the course is FREE too – ONLY via the button below.

It is a brief course to help you define what meditation is so you can get the most from it.

Once you complete the course, you will:

  • find it easy to assess your meditation practice,
  • know where to make a correction, and
  • know what to emphasise to get what you want from your meditation.

Newbies get to grips with their meditation practice quicker when they know the 3 DNA strands of meditation

This course takes your understanding to a deeper level, quickly and easily. Suitable for beginners and more experienced meditators – and those who have tried meditation and found it didn’t work (until now).

Meditation course (FREE) login

Meditation Is Doing Nothing Or Just Relaxing

Since meditation has many forms – from single-pointed-focus to visualisation to mantra – it follows there are also many ways to meditate. I think this definition of “doing nothing” is held by people who have never tried – and use it as an excuse to never try. My Meditation: Absolute Beginners Class takes people through many activities related to meditation and mindfulness. In fact, on the What Is Meditation course, I define meditation as:

A family of intentional activities that produce psychological changes.

I also go into what all that means, to give you a full understanding, but notice the definition states it is a number of intentional activities. You must actively participate in your meditation – or you could very well be “doing nothing“.

Go To The Course Now While It’s Still FREE >>

Relaxation of the body and mind

This is typically a part of most meditations. It is OK to stop there – you have meditated. However, the relaxation part is usually the beginning of a meditation practice. When teaching, I give the students a simple relaxation meditation on the very first day. It gets people quickly and easily into meditation while giving them the first skill to practise.

Having said the FIRST practice is to relax, there are many practices within meditation to explore. You do NOT need to learn them all. If relaxation suits your needs right now then this may be as much as you need. Personally, I’d advise adding single-pointed-focus so you can gain deeper relaxation – stay tuned to find out why.

See more myths via this page (link)

Next Steps

photo of person meditating at sunsetThe quickest way to get beyond the myths is to join my easy but comprehensive courses. For instance, there is a course which takes you through the 3 DNA markers of meditation to further your understanding. If you already meditate, feel free to share it.

Oh, and the course is currently FREE

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The next post is on another myth of meditation – gosh, there are so many.
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