Cannot Meditate Cos Your Mind Is Too Busy?

Many people have an abundance of thoughts that seem never to shut up. They believe there is no-way meditation will achieve (for them) the calmness that reports say is a benefit of meditation. They may have tried – unsuccessfully – to subdue their thoughts with a meditation; proving they are unable to meditate.

If you have a busy mind, you will have to do a meditation designed to calm the mind. Not all meditations are designed to do that. It is best to do this under competent guidance because although the instructions seem straightforward, there are many nuances to navigate. A body relaxation then single-pointed-focus on the breath can calm your mind and get you into that deeply peaceful space. BUT, to expect your thoughts to become still will create tension. This expectation is where the nuances start: trying to stop your thoughts will add additional stress, therefore making it worse!

icon image of meditator
You do NOT have to sit in this position. You can sit on a chair to meditate :D

When you take away the emphasis on calming and stopping your thoughts, meditation becomes more natural to do. It is a practice you can develop; so you end up with experiencing peace and calm without trying to make it happen. A better target is to work on sitting down to meditate, then focusing your attention (but not too rigidly), and exploring your experience. I’ll get into all that In future posts (and on my courses).

See more myths via this page (link)

Next Steps

I hope you enjoyed finding out about this myth.

A busy mind can be a symptom of stress. I have a non-meditation process I use with clients to help them get beyond their Busy Mind so they can quickly take advantage of meditation – without the painful struggle. Get the instructions so you too can use the Melt-Stress Within Minutes Protocol (Use this link for 30% OFF the usual price).

New to Meditation?

I have a slideshow which takes you through the 3 DNA components of meditation to further your understanding. Find it in the FREE course (link below). If you already meditate, feel free to share it. The next post is on another myth of meditation. By the way, one of the myths is about meditation postures, as illustrated by the image on this page :-)

If you have any questions or comments feel free to join my list for updates because, apart from finding out when the next blog posts go up, you can also contact me by replying to my newsletter/emails.

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Meditation Absolute Beginners Class online


1st July 2019: 6 week online coaching
Experience the benefits of meditation:

  • Reduced stress & worry

  • More focus, creativity & happiness

  • Better health & sleep

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Student numbers are limited so you get an intimate feel from the class.
You will be guided all the way from zero meditation experience to very quickly being able to meditate and then on to being more knowledgable than many who have been meditating for years.

  • Easy, step-by-step instruction
  • Gentle pace and LOTS of practise
  • Practical – no theory, no religion, no science, no psychic stuff – just the bare-bones ‘How To’.
  • Fresh approach – born from experience (a Dr called it “Inspired“)
  • Comprehensivego beyond ‘beginner’

Your questions answered in sessions:

  • How do I stop my incessant mind?
  • How do I sit? (hint: you do NOT need to sit cross-legged)
  • How do I find the time?
  • What app do I need? (hint: you need nothing but you)
  • And many more…








Resources for Students

How much?

Pay what you can afford. The value is estimated at least £120 but if you do not know how awesome the teacher is, pay half (or less if you are skint) and your satisfaction will be guaranteed.

How long?

6 sessions. One session per week over 4 weeks, starting on 1st July. Then a break while you practise. The last 2 weeks starts on 12th August.

All sessions are recorded & made available to you for lifetime access.


In the comfort of your own home – via the internet. Hosted at AllOnePlanet.co.uk

Each week the live session will take place on the Monday at 10am (UK time) & repeated on the Thursday at 8pm.

Who is the Teacher?

QC Ellis (Colin) is an ex-college lecturer, ex-commando, ex-Buddhist and ex-retreat co-ordinator with decades of meditation experience.

He has been on 3, 6 & 9 month meditation retreats in solitary and silence. He now leads retreats.

Colin is an award-winning author of meditation and mindfulness books. See them on Amazon (search for QC Ellis).

Join to Meditate

1-1 coaching support is available during the live class – plus at least twice during the course. Extra resources (articles/blog posts/meditation audio) will be made available for revision.

Day Retreat – 23 June 2019

Tap the image to book your place via EventBrite

What is the next step for you if you are a regular meditator?
Can you relate to the Blissful Beauty of Tranquility?

This one-day retreat is for regular meditators so you can go deeper into peace and explore its beauty while feeling blissful states.

Connecting with peace opens the door to your True Nature – incl. spaciousness, bliss and love (beauty). Experience it yourself…

If you can connect to the calmness, the stillness within, it is easier to recognise the aspects of your True Nature normally clouded by the stress of life.

For some, this retreat will be their 1st step toward the blissful beauty of Tranquil Abiding. How close you get depends upon how much meditation you do regularly and how much stress you are carrying.

Single-pointed-focus on the breath is a simple & safe vehicle to take you through the 9 abidings toward peaceful tranquility. On attaining Tranquil Abiding, you release the last of the underlying stress your body is carrying and are enveloped in bliss. You have also trained your mind. There are so many huge benefits to Tranquil Abiding…

This retreat will take you to level 3-4 (or higher) of the 9 abidings.
Attaining moments of peace and noticing how this makes it easy to access joy and beauty (your True Nature) is expected.

The release of stress is also going to happen, so expect moments of odd feelings and angst (shadows of stress as it goes), typically followed by a deeper level of peace. For more guidance on meditation and what to expect, LIKE & FOLLOW Colin’s author page on Facebook @QCEllis

Normal Retreat rules apply. no talking, no touching, no eye-contact, no devices (phones, tablets, etc), no missing the meditation sessions, and no OTHER meditation – until 3pm.

The meditation teacher is Colin Ellis. He has been on several 6+ month Buddhist meditation retreats. He is an Amazon author – with the pen-name QC Ellis ( a1p.uk/book )

With your deposit (non-refundable), you will gain access to online resources to help you. Get access ASAP so you gain full benefit from the retreat day. Places are limited :)

Any questions? Please contact me via my facebook page, facebook messenger, or by email

Online Resources

You will receive an email with FREE access to an online course, including articles video & audio on the following:

  • Silence
  • Dissipating My Energy on Retreat
  • Day Retreat V Other Retreats
  • Guidance On the Retreat Meditation (audio)
  • The Specific Meditation For The Retreat (audio) So You Can Practise
  • What is Tranquil Abiding? My Experience. (video)
  • Q&A Access To The Teacher
  • Plus more…

Stress, Anxiety and the Battle for Your Sanity

What will you gain from this new £1.99 Kindle book?

Book cover image for: Stress, Anxiety and the Battle for Your Sanity
  • Understand the plight of people who are the casualties of long-term stress
  • Why can’t people who are anxious be positive?
  • Why is it so hard to overcome anxiety?
  • Why does mindfulness succeed in STOPPING the internal fight?

These are just some of the questions answered by this book.

100% of the royalties go to charity

QC Ellis is donating 100% of all royalties (that’s the bit of profit the author gets as their pay) to a local charity in the North East of England dealing with mental health issues. Anxious Minds is an award-winning, young charity with a global reach via its website (and radio to be launched this year).

Mindfulness: Stop The Struggle

The book is a part of a series of SHORT books designed to take you through the journey from stressed and depressed to happy and free from anxiety. The series was one big book but the feedback from people who have anxiety was that it’s too comprehensive (read, overwhelming) to get it all in one book. The series covers:

  • Stress and anxiety and a different way of looking at the problem.
  • Why most remedies don’t work – including, problem solving or being positive.
  • What is Mindfulness and how to develop a Mindfulness Practice.
  • What is Mindfulness Meditation and how to develop a practice.
  • What are the Mindfulness Attitudes For Change and how to integrate this secret sauce into your Mindfulness Practice.
  • Access to an Eight Week Mindfulness Challenge (free access to the online course*), with audio of guided meditations and other resources.

This, first book in the series, focuses on the first two of the above, plus why mindfulness can help. It is meant to not only be informative but also motivational – there IS a way out!

image of 5 book covers for the BOOK Series, Mindfulness: Stop the Struggle

Why Is This Different?

There are plenty of books that tell you the same old story about stress, anxiety and also mindfulness. Colin has read some of them but his approach is different because he comes from the perspective of someone who has actually experienced the things he talks about. Right from the start, you are presented with original ideas. Again, when he discusses mindfulness and meditation, he comes at it from his own experience. For decades, he studied under Buddhist Monks (and Nuns) from various traditions, as well as MBSR & MBCT**.

His insights have led him to develop new ways of approaching stress and using mindfulness.

The breadth and depth of knowledge provided means you get to understand more deeply what the problem is and exactly how to tackle it. You gain the depth of insight of an expert very quickly while finding the answers to your questions when your mindfulness practice doesn’t seem to be working in the way most books say it should.

FREE access to the online Eight Week Mindfulness Challenge*

* Available once you have read the series (or the full-version book).
You can practise using what you’ve learned, get guided meditations, other resources and access to the author to ask questions.

When is the 1st book available?

* There are Kindle apps for iphone/smartphones, tablets/ipad and desktop/mac.

To see a 18 page preview copy, click the image below


  • The 8 Week Mindfulness Challenge is available once you have read the series (or the full-version book).
    ** MBSR = Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. MBCT = Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

Mindfulness Half-Day Retreat

photo of woods in Autumn

Reduce stress, let go of anxiety and enjoy peaceful moments. These are the hallmarks of mindfulness…

A retreat is an opportunity to replenish your energies and take your mindfulness practice further than you can in normal life.

Melt away the November blues with peaceful meditations and soothing mindfulness.
A lovely day of gentle practices to re-connect with your body and be more conscious.
This Mindfulness Class & Retreat is a rest and recuperation time during this hectic month.
It is also a chance to learn or rekindle one’s interest in Mindfulness.

The schedule for the retreat is:

  • 11am-1pm The Community Centre Cafe & Craft Market is on that day so come early and have a cuppa and check out the crafts by local people.
  • 12-12.30pm beginners practical introduction to Mindfulness (optional for those who know mindfulness well or have been on my previous classes)
  • 12.30 -1pm Mindful eating and drinking in the cafe – great to practise watching your mind – and a gentle stepping toward quiet retreat
  • 1-2pm Mindfulness Practice *
  • 2-3pm – a mindful walk in the woods
  • 3-4pm Mindfulness Practice * and a cuppa (snacks allowed)
  • All done with an emphasis on gentleness,  the beginners mind, acceptance, and kindness toward yourself
  • * a combination of…
    • body awareness practices
    • outer (not mind or emotions) awareness practices
    • Mind & emotion awareness practices
    • Meditation practices

If you are new to Mindfulness and Meditation, please come along by 12 noon, but also use this link (CLICK HERE) to get Colin’s mini course on “What Is Meditation?” It is FREE only by using this link (normal price = £60)

Cost: £15 (please bring cash)

For the full 4 hours (3 hours if you miss the 12-1pm slot), including a cuppa or two. Bring your own snacks :-)

Although the community centre is generally nice and warm, you may still want to bring a blanket and warm clothes.

This is a mini retreat with Colin Ellis, an established meditation and mindfulness teacher.

I’m really looking forward to being at this event with some lovely people and allowing lots of peaceful moments to de-stress us. :-)

Colin: 07776 380 324


Blackhall Mill Community Centre
River View,
Blackhall Mill
Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE17 7TQ
See the MAP on Google: https://goo.gl/maps/ecYVVZa7B2G2


There is an event page on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/787504548307932/

Here is a poster (pdf). If you can put it up somewhere or hand it to friends, that would be great!

Here are a few articles on the Myths of Meditation

If new (or not so new) to meditation or mindfulness I suggest you join my online mini-course on “What Is Meditation?”, where I go through the 4 DNA Strands of every meditation – check it out – it’s a lot more useful than it sounds :-) BTW, it is only FREE via this link for a limited time.


Shine In Your Vocation

Re-Create Your SELF
Shine In Your Vocation

Saturday 1st December

11am to 3pm

Venue: Catchgate

Veg/vegan lunch to share – provided, free

Workshop £45

Places limited to 8.
Put your email and name into the box below then press the button to go to PayPal – where you can pay via credit or debit card.

All One planet logo

The business Paypal account is All One Planet, owned by Colin Ellis

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You shall be asked for your Date of Birth and Time of Birth as well as the place you were born so Rikki can create an Astrology chart for you to work with on the day.

Do not worry if you cannot do this now – just add your email address and we shall email you a reminder – or give you help if you cannot find out.

What is this workshop about?

Shine In Your Vocation

A vocation is more than a job – it is something you feel driven to do, from deep inside. What ‘vocation’ might suite you?

A workshop to recover your inner Astrology map, untangle the knots that bind you so you can shine in your job, work or vocation.

Plus, how can you get the most from the job you have so you don’t have to leave the good work you do?


Energize To Re-Vitalise Your True Worth

Align With Your True Nature, Free From Worry & Stress

Make Your Own Career Choices

Relax & Open To New Possibilities For Your Vocation

Discover The Mirror Of Your Soul's Whisper

Fuel Your Soul With Creative, Nourishing Fun


How will we do this together?

Following the great success of past Re-Create Your SELF workshops we are continuing with the format of astrology, meditation, direct coaching and creativity to bring you this new workshop.

The workshop has 4 sections:

  1. Your astrological blueprint will reveal how to align your career goals with your potential and sense of purpose. Your birth chart will be explored for insights into your vocation.

  2. You will then explore further, through a guided meditation (unblocking potential obstacles).

    Vegan/Vegetarian lunch is provided

  3. You will receive direct coaching to clarify (make REAL) your individual ‘job satisfaction’ blueprint and superpowers. We shall make the concepts, values and feelings from the first half – real and usable in your life.

    It helped bring together disparate and vague thoughts into a clear focus. Something very tangible to work with.

  4. You will have fun creating something of beauty to recollect, affirm and accept your unique abilities. This will be a directed play-time – especially for those who feel they are not creative.

You will receive expert untangling from Colin, who will also calm & energise you then help you get clear on your career. Plus, you will receive captivating Astronomical Astrology guidance and creative fun with Rikki. This workshop is an opportunity to uncover your nature related to vocation so you feel worthy, valued and free to achieve.

Just 1 or 2 sections is easily worth the full cost of the workshop

Who Are The presenters?

High Quality & Professional Teachers

Over the decades Colin has developed courses and taught in colleges, charities and privately on subjects such as esteem & confidence building, assertiveness, stress management, goal setting, overcoming anxiety using mindfulness, and many more topics.

He is known as a pioneer – pushing the boundaries of personal and spiritual development – discovering through his experience new, original insights to share.

See more about Colin, here at QCEllis.com

Colin Ellis

FREEDOM Coach | Meditation Teacher | Author, Company: All One Planet

Contact Colin:

  • 0800 249 42 40

  • colin@qcellis.com

Both the presenters for this workshop have been mastering their craft over decades and taught many, many workshops/courses.

Rikki is one of those few people who has mastered, and is inspired by, her work to such a degree she now wants to herald in a new Astrology – Astronomical Astrology. Powered by her integrity, she has shown how the two main Astrological traditions can be brought together to give deeper, more accurate insights about one’s earthly blueprint and the challenges/learning we are here to explore. As an artist (with a 1st Class Honours Art Degree), she brings beauty and play into her work and teaching.

See more about Rikki at www.fishtailarts.com

Rikki Blythe

Astronomical Astrologer | Artist | Author, Business: Fishtail Arts and Astrology

Contact Rikki

  • 0795 566 1249

  • rikki@fishtailarts.com

The Venue

In the beautiful home of Astrologer, Rikki Blythe. She discovered during our “Live Your Vision” workshop, welcoming & nurturing people as a host in her home is important to her vision – so we are doing it.

In the village of Catchgate, next to Annfield Plain, near Stanley – just a bus-ride away from Newcastle or Durham
Car parking available next to the house.

Since it is her home, you’ll get full instructions on how to get there after you buy your ticket.

100% 5 STAR reviews – What did participants say about previous workshops?

Powerful techniques for insight and inquiry!


"Live Your Vision"

I thoroughly recommend this to anybody, except perhaps the more closed minded among us.


"Live Your Vision"

Go! I very much enjoyed it – gained useful insights into myself & feel clear about what I want.


"Live Your Vision"

A very dynamic approach. Well balanced between the Astrology and the processes.


"Live Your Vision"

A great workshop to attend if you are looking to experience an insight into your prosperity and how your astrological chart effects you.


"Map Your Prosperity"

Very informative and creative. Very relaxed and informal


"Map Your Prosperity"

Very well constructed workshop with lots of various activities. I felt that I was given an excellent tool kit to take away with me too. Very special


"Map Your Prosperity"

Fascinating and very insightful. The food was delicious too! The meditations were brilliant. I felt so relaxed and managed to visualise with clarity.


"Map Your Prosperity"

Purchase Your Ticket

Shine In Your Vocation – Saturday 1st December 11am – 3pm

Due to the individual attention given on this workshop, space is limited to 8 max, so book on the workshop now to ensure your place.

Just £45 to live on purpose because you will discover YOUR unique way to do things and insights into your vocational work that’s completely aligned with your deepest SELF.

All One planet logoAdd your email then click the button to be taken to Paypal (of All One Planet – Colin’s business), where you can pay by Paypal, credit or debit card.

Those who join before 11th November will get a Transform Your Life – Breakthrough Session (worth £90) FREE so BOOK NOW!

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